There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

More than a decade of building successful companies. We are providing technology advice in the areas of cybersecurity, digital platforms and distributed ledger technologies. We serve as an incubator for digital ideas and invest into passionate entrepreneurs. Because we know exactly how it feels.


Rottmann Willnow Ventures advises teams that set out to build and leverage large scale platforms, distributed ledger technologies and cyber-physical systems. Our consulting for equity model provides affordable access to some of the most respected experts in these fields even when you have just bootstrapped your idea and funding your dream has not yet completed.


We have started and scaled businesses from scratch and firsthand experience from bootstrapping to exit. Leverage our co-innovation space, network and a team of founders, makers and tech-enthusiasts with a public track record. Our tried and proven playbook will help you to start up on steroids and focus on the stuff that matters. Because, if you are like us, you love to get shit done!


We are seeking passionate founders, who are applying technology or technology enabled business models to solve real-world problems. Our pre-seed and early stage investments should take you from prototype to minimum viable product or ecosystem. Oh, and just so we are clear: We do always consider ourselves “smart money”. If we don’t get your pitch, it’s not for us.